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Automation OC Parking
Siemens PLC Hands-On Workshop
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Continuous All-Day Self-Paced Training with Instructor
Charlie Black, R K Controls
On the center Stage in the Exhibit Hall
You will learn to take a problem, formulate a solution and implement
that solution on actual physical hardware.

9:00 am - 12:00 pm - Location: Classroom 2
Two Hands-On Operation and Calibration Seminars:
John Bowman

This course covers the basics of pressure and temperature measurements
and their hands-on calibration.
Attendees will gain a solid understanding of pressure and temperature
principles and the practical experience of calibrating these instruments.

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Location: Classroom 2
Process Modeling and PI/PID Controller Tuning
Robert W. Harrison, PE
Boeing, Technical Fellow (Ret)
ISA Life Fellow
Most Industrial processes can be modeled by a Second or Third order
plus dead time system. However, this can be simplified by using a first
order plus dead time model to adequately determine the tuning coefficients
for PI and PID controllers.

This is a hands-on class to objectively and systematically identify the
process model, using open and closed loop data, to determine the tuning coefficients.
Software will be provided to accomplish this, so bring your PC laptops.
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