Kim Miller Dunn
ISA Orange County Section Presents
Automation OC™ Keynote Address
ISA Society Past President
Kim Miller Dunn, CAP

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12:00pm - 12:45pm

Where Will the Digital Highway Take us?
Industry 4.1 is facilitating better plant performance, safer operations, and a reduced environmental impact of
facilities in a ever changing fast paced world.

Companies are consistently faced with new challenges to earn and maintain their right to operate, to achieve
strong financial performance, to secure capital in a highly competitive global market and to maintain a social
license to operate as government regulators and community neighbors become increasingly engaged
environmental sustainability and safety.

At the same time, industry players are challenged to keep up with the pace of change that advancing technology
is bringing upon us. Only those who are able to quickly and effectively adopt and adapt to new ways of doing
business will fully benefit from the technological changes occurring. The need to quickly adapt and adopt is
intensified by global competition, the constant battle for resources and capital, as well as increasing labor and
regulatory costs of doing business.

Kim will focus on how companies can deal with these realities and turn them into competitive advantages and
achieve “Top Quartile Performance” through digital transformation.

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