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List of 2017 Technical Presentations

11:00 am - Location: Classroom 1
Climate Control, Enclosure Technology
Steve Yennie

This course covers:
The benefits of modular freestanding enclosures vs. welded freestanding enclosures
New energy efficient climate control technology
Panel Automation similar to ePLAN software, automated duct/wire cutting,
Perforex type machines, and assembly tables
Server / IT Cabinets in industrial applications
Hygienic Design products for Food / Beverage

11:00 pm - Location: Classroom 2
Cyber Security
Shawn Gillespie
This course covers the challenges of cyber security for industrial process control systems.

1:00 pm - Location: Classroom 1
Wireless Remote Monitoring and Control

This course covers:
Robust long-range wireless mesh networks designed for remote
monitoring and control in challenging outdoor environments.
The systems work with level, pressure, temperature and flow meters,
as well as critical asset control of valves, pumps, fans, and heaters.
Remote Sensing Systems have been deployed in oil & gas fields and
pipelines, petrochemical processing plants, and municipal
infrastructure monitoring and control systems.

1:00 pm - Location: Classroom 2
Process Safety Management for Petroleum Refineries

David Montague - Senior Vice President, Safety Risk Compliance
Tazim Rehmat - Senior Risk/Reliability Engineer

2:00 pm - Location: Classroom 1
Two Hands-On Operation and Calibration Seminars:
John Bowman

This course covers the basics of pressure and temperature measurements and their
hands-on calibration.
Attendees will gain a solid understanding of pressure and temperature principles
and the practical experience of calibrating these instruments.

2:30 pm - Location: Classroom 2
Industry 4.0 Communications - IIOT
John Callahan
The Elements of Industry 4.0 are:
Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
Big Data (BD)
Machine to Machine (M2M)
Smart / Internet Sensors
Machine Learning (ML)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Data Resides in the Cloud (CD)
Smart Factory (SF)

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